May 31, 2020
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Some concerned Christian groups have accused Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, of shielding the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E. A. Adeboye in what the group called his complicity in the killings of Christians and General insecurity in the country.
In a statement made available to our correspondent on Thursday signed by May Ubeku, Convener of Impact Future Nigeria, the groups alleged that CAN kept mute on alleged attacks the group suffered when they staged a peaceful protest to RCCG’s headquarters in Lagos on Monday, instead focused on exonerating Adeboye that CAN itself had accused of being silence on the plight of Nigerian Christians under the current administration.
The statement frown at both CAN and PFN for not condemning armoured personnel carrier, APC, that was ordered to block the protesters adding that the more than 30 heavily armed mobile policemen deployed to stop the protesters during the peaceful  match should have rather being the focus and source of condemnation than a knee jerks press release that amounted to doublespeak.
The group in the statement said, “Very unfortunate that people protesting against the current state of heightened insecurity and uncertainty with regards to the Islamization of Nigeria , RUGA and general killings could rather be described as ‘secular’ (by CAN) as if they have no legitimate right to call out people complicit in the current sorry state of affairs.
“The nation at large is trouble today looking at the fact that survival and existence as humans is at stake. The lives of their children , loved ones and those of their generations yet unborn are currently being threatened by the current Islamization threats and killings.
“This current circumstance has raised concerns and gotten everyone including State Governors, Traditional Rulers various sociopolitical groups including Ohaneze Ndigbo, Afenifere, PANDEF and other groups condemning the government’s poorer handling of various national tragedie,” the statement read.
The group query why CAN would say ‘Adeboye cannot speak on issues that CAN or PFN has spoken about , unless by the express permission of the two bodies.’
The group asked, “CAN and PFN to confirm if indeed they both gave express permission to Adeboye to make the statements and action he has been accused of?”
The group further said, “While Cardinal Okogie is asking Buhari to change Service Chiefs and even give up his position because of the failure to protect Nigerians, Adeboye is calling for the Service Chiefs to be retained supporting Miyetti Allah at a time when even General TY Danjuma was accusing the military of colluding with the herdsmen to kill Christians.
“Adeboye took side with Miyetti Allah against CAN, the Christian Elders Forum and the Catholic Church,”the group alleged.
The group reminded both CAN and PFN of its press statement issued by Dr. Joseph Ajujungwa, Secretary of CAN, in the 17 Southern States with an instruction for everyone to defend himself, saying, “As CAN, we will preach it from our pulpit, every Imam should peach from the mosque and the traditionalists should stand against it; nobody should relent; no land should be given; any traditional ruler that does that should be dethroned.”
The group further asked why CAN and PFN, on July 17th 2016 through its Secretary General, Late Pastor Musa Asake expressed surprise and shock  when Adeboye visited the home of Late Evangelist Eunice Elijah and said he “was praying for the salvation of her killers instead of saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH on herdsmen and Fulani killings,” if all Adeboye does must be endorsed by it?
“Did CAN ask Adeboye not to make any statement calling the government to order when he visited the home of Evangelist Eunice Elijah or was Late Pastor Musa Asake just trying to destroy the image of Pastor E A Adeboye by accusing him falsely? The group further asked.
The group accused CAN and PFN of cowering to the overt influence from Adeboye by his closeness to the government of the day asking CAN if it granted  Adeboye permission  before “he flew to London to show solidarity with Buhari even at the very same day Christians in London were  staging protest against Buhari in front of the Nigerian House in London where Buhari was lodging?”
The group pointed out that the same “Adeboye who in 2014 planned a one million man match against the then president would now say he has been praying and CAN would fall for such cheap gimmick.”
It accused both CAN and PFN of “politicizing insecurity and the plight of Christians because something must have exchanged hands” noting that “the Vice President is a senior pastor in RCCG meaning Adeboye can now eat his words.”
The group enjoined both CAN and PFN to suspend Adeboye from being a member of the two groups and all Christian bodies.
Also, the group said, “We are therefore in the same vein asking the Monarchs to close down the Redeem Christian Church Of God in their communities for creating the very problem of Islamization by the actions of Adeboye.”
It could be recalled some Christian groups had last Monday staged peaceful protest to RCCG’s redemption camp where they delivered a letter to Adeboye.
The protest was attended by PFN and members such as Charles Oputa popularly called Charley Boy, Baba Fryo, Pastor Goodie Goodie, Eadris Aldukareem and students in solidarity support with the Christian groups.

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