May 31, 2020
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September 26, 20192min670

Nigeria’s Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo’s posters and flex showing his intent to contest the highest office in Nigeria, the office of the president have taken over South West.

Some youth across the region have begun unfolding the banners and showing flex showing the current VP’s pictures boldly written on them ahead of 2023.

It’s not clear if Osinbajo is aware or have his nod but he has also not made any comment regarding that.

Analysts expect him to condemn and dissociate himself from the various groups which increase by the day but he hasn’t giving an impression that he endorsed the groups.

Osinbajo has been under fire with misappropriation of billions of natural short of N100 billion belonging to the federal government. The said money was unbudgeted for and allegedly taken from Federal Inland Revenue Service, a claim FIRS has disputed.

Osinbajo has also threatened legal actions against Google if such publications were not removed and against some media houses and individuals.

The office of the Vice president did not respond to enquiries regarding his posters.

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