May 31, 2020
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October 11, 20192min2880

A video which has gone viral on social media shows Nigeria’s First Lady, Aisha Buhari has returned to the country.

The video however shows the first lady visibly enraged and telling asking those standing by asking why she was locked out of her apartment.

Bags showing someone just returned from a trip with retinue of staff and security guards as well as aides were seen on the floor and around her.

The video did not capture her face.

Daily Mail OnLine could not independently verify the video but in-house experts say the accent and the physique were those of Aisha.

She yelled, asking, “We have over 200 soldiers guiding us,” why was she locked out of her apartment?

Her return it’s gleaned may not be unconnected with her husband, Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari’s alleged bid to pick up another wife.

It’s being alleged without disputation that Buhari is marrying a second wife from one of his ministers.

Social media have poured scorn and mockery at the same time.

One user said how would the New wife be satisfied while a respondent joked, “there’s sticks, she could afford many and use them freely.”

Another said, he would be a handy man to recruit able jobless boys rendered jobless by her husband to “do the do.”

The joke even alleged Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo would be the DJ.

Below is the video


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