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Save for the relentless desire of some bad eggs in the Nigerian society, Nigeria would have by now been described as a crime free state. This is not unconnected to the equally relentless and new strategies in which the Inspector General of Police’s Intelligent Response Team keep adopting.

Headed by a cool headed, intelligent and smart Abba Kyari, the Response Team has become a thorn in the flesh of deadly criminals and armed robbers, kidnap kingpins and high level perpetrators of crimes in the society that, within 24 hours of any incidence, they swoop on the perpetrators with such amazing surprise.
It could take long in planning but it doesn’t take long for them to make arrest. Take the cases of Evans the kidnapper and the notorious Lord of kidnapping himself, Alhaji Hamisu Bala Wadume still ring a bell across Nigeria.
Kyari knowing how dangerous these men were and how well connected they were, properly drilled his men, went through simulations to ensure all loopholes were plugged before snapping on their heels and subsequently arrested them.
To prove how dangerous one of them was, Wadume was alleged to be well connected with the Nigerian Army such that when he was first arrested in Taraba, it resulted to the brutal murder of three (3) Police Officers and two (2) civilians, and injury to five (5) others.
Such is the danger associated with curbing high level criminality in Nigeria that many Nigerians are left stunned and surprised how Kyari alongside his men still brought them down.
In fact, despite being the head, Kyari enters the fray himself combing forest and bushes in search of kidnappers in their hideouts, something not a few Nigerians have applauded.
Members of Kyari’s IRT told this newspapers that they love to work with him because he takes part in operations himself unlike many ‘ogas’ who sit in their offices to direct the affairs of their offices.
Kyari, who is currently the Deputy Commissioner of police has shown his mettle since joining the police in 2000. His exploit has, apart from Evans and Wadume, led to the arrest of Nigeria’s most dangerous men such as the most wanted Boko-Haram Commander Umar Abdulmalik and Eight of his Terrorists gang members, arrest of Twenty-two Boko-Haram Terrorist gang members responsible for the kidnap of the Chibok School Girls in 2014 and also responsible for series of suicide bombings and several attacks and ambush against security agents in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States.
The team captured the most deadly kidnapper in the history of Nigeria, Henry Chibueze Aka “Vampire” in Owerri, Imo State and his gang members, arrest of the deadly Offa Bank robbers that invaded Offa Town, Kwara State and robbed five commercial Bank. The gang also murdered over Thirty-one innocent Nigerians making it the deadliest bank robbery in the History Of Nigeria.
They also arrested kidnappers who kidnapped a serving Assistant Comptroller of Customs in Portharcourt, and the killers of former Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) Air Marshal Alex Badeh ‘rtd’ along Keffi-Gitata Kaduna Road.
Deadly kidnappers responsible for the kidnap and murder of Mr. John Iheanacho, a staff of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)/President of Eastern Zone Investment Cooperative Society Ltd, in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State was undertaken by IRT under Kyari.
They also swiftly arrested a suspect responsible for the murder of Lieutenant Abubakar Yahaya Yusuf, a serving Naval Officer and his girlfriend, Miss. Lorraine Onye, in Rivers State, just as they arrested the kidnappers responsible for the kidnap of two South African Citizens in Kaduna State.
One of the names that sent shivers down people’s spine then was Abiodun Egunjobi aka Godogodo. He was arrested in Ibadan, Oyo State, a dare devil armed robber responsibled for the death of over Five hundred (500) innocent Nigerians and Police Officers.
The list is endless and keeps expanding stretching the IRT, a team Nigerians solely rely on to solve every crime no matter how dangerous and difficult.
But the undaunted Kyari noted that,  They know that, “criminals are also not happy with us and what we have been doing. Some of them have been sponsoring lies against us. But it is normal; whenever you are fighting crime, they will fight back.”
Some of these criminals are so rich and well connected that if not for the diligent and transparent ways of Kyari and his men, things won’t have been working.
Kyari said,  “These criminals have money and what it takes; they are even richer than us. They use money to sponsor the publication of lies without even crosschecking whether it is true annoying or not.”

He pleaded pointing out that, “This is our country; we don’t have any other country other than Nigeria. So when somebody brings lies against somebody, you investigate it to know whether it is the truth or not before you publish it; that is what we are recommending for our friends in the media.”

According to the Head of, Benjamin Ufaruna, “The police department has tremendously worked hard to keep Nigerians safe and secure from the terrors of the underworld.

“We wake up every morning and are able to go about our business because of the sacrifices they make on our behalf. They lose their sleep so we can gain ours.”

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