May 26, 2020
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October 16, 20192min820

Nigerians on various social media platforms have continued to berate and assail the National Identity Management Commission for announcing that citizens would be required to pay N5000 for renewal of National Identity cards.

While condemning the new policy, they termed it, it is sale of citizenship with one saying Citizenship For sale.

On Twitter, a user called Olajide Obe, said, “Wait, so National ID card will be expiring too? But will we ever collect these cards?

“I’ve enrolled since 2014, five years ago! Does it take a decade to produce a National ID card?”

Another Twitter user, Chris Olu-Crown, said he registered since 2013 and had yet to receive his as well.

Another user named Samuel Mbagwe, said, “November would make it four years since I went through hell to register for this ‘ticket to heaven’ at Alausa NIMC office.

“It’s taking eternity to produce because bribery isn’t involved. Allow bribes and you will have it in less than 48 hours.”

Commenting on the situation, another Twitter user, Wale Adetona, said the idea of paying for National ID card was not good.

He said, “Whoever brought up this idea of renewing National ID didn’t think it through. Do US citizens renew their Social Security Number?”

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