May 25, 2020
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October 17, 20197min1320

Not less than 370 Civil Society Organizations, CSOs, have concluded arrangement to dump the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, in what is being blamed on lack of providing financial assistance.

A top member of a coalition of CSOs and Director one of the organisations sympathetic to the PDP revealed this to Daily Mail OnLine on Thursday.
Not wanting to be named at this moment as “arrangement is still being made,” he said the PDP’s brand of opposition is akin to a dead elephant.
According to him, internal schism and selfishness were thwarting every effort of some serious minded members of the party, pointing out that, “the real opposition to this failed government are Nigerians not the PDP.”
He said, “We have met several times to fine tune the way forward – whether we would join and offer support for the ruling APC or we wait to see what happens now till the next general election.
“What we have discovered that has necessitated this retrospection is that, the PDP has failed to provide viable opposition since being kicked out of office in 2015.
“Members of that party are greedy, corrupt, selfish and don’t think good of Nigerians. The average Nigerians don’t matter to them.
“They are like the All Progressive Congress, APC. They are Siamese twins joined together in bad leadership, lies, deception and failure.
“What brand of opposition believe it can work alone? What brand of opposition cannot fund CSOs to engage in putting the government on its toes?”
He recalled that in the lead up to the 2015 election, CSOs were active and instrumental to the removal of the Goodluck Jonathan because they criticised and engaged the masses to vote right.
“Ahead of 2015 election, we spoke and encouraged the people to take their destinies in their hands. The people decided it was okay to let the PDP go. Some of us still believed the PDP meant well but majority of the CSOs like the Transition Monitoring Group, TMG, said no.
“The APC at that time spent billions on CSOs and they went up against the PDP government. They were protests and serious condemnation of that government. That paid off for them in the eventual remover of the PDP.
“But look at the situation in the country now, its 5000% worse than 2015 but the opposition is quiet. Some who are governors are looking at contesting the presidential election in 2023 because they are in their second tenure.
Rivers State Governor, Nyosem Wike is alleged to be witholding money from the PDP as he’s interested in being a running mate in 2023.
“A particular governor in the oil rich South South wants to join his friend in the North West to fly the PDP’s ticket. So they are looting for that purpose and have forgotten they need to oil CSOs and other interest groups to take up this failed government.
“Its painful the poor masses have no one to run to except the social media. If not for the social media, this country would have completely been raised down. The hardship is so bad that you can’t imagine this is time of peace and we are not at war with the outside country.”
He said all the PDP knows is “to release empty press statements. These statements make no sense. The ruling party laughs at such statements. Nigerians laugh and frown at it.
“Is that all the PDP can offer? Is that all? It’s painful but 370 of us would leave. We can’t source for funds and be funding a corrupt party.
Sokoto State Governor, Aminu Tambuwal is seriously nursing the ambition of being the party’s candidate in 2023 with his running mate alleged to be Wike.
“In the lead up to the 2019, instead of funding various interest groups, the leaders of the PDP were busy looting what was being released. The whole campaign was sporadic and uncoordinated. That was why one of their leaders in the South West quickly left the party to join the APC, a former governor.”
He added that, “So in the next few weeks, we would come out with a clear position but one thing is clear, we would abandon the PDP and see how they will go from there.”
He said the next meeting is scheduled for the weekend and final decision would likely be made towards either announcing their decision or a quiet dissociation from the party.
Kola Ologbondiyan, the PDP’s National Publicity did not pick his calls when Daily Mail OnLine tried to get the party’s position.

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