Nov 18, 2019

Twitter users assail entrepreneur, Glory Osei for lies, maltreating staff

October 21, 20192min520

These are not the best of times for an entrepreneur and social media celebrity, Glory Osie.

She has been trending for the wrong reasons with uncountable allegations ranging from deceiving men of being single while she’s indeed married to  maltreating staff, underpayment of salaries, untimely payment of salaries and sacking of her staff without pay.

She has also been accused of running ponzi schemes.

The allegation which started from sacking a single staff simply identified  as Linda has metamophosed into many allegations including collecting money from innocent members of the public for land sale in the name of her company, LandLagos. LandLagos according to Twitter users is a smokescreen to cream people off their money.

See various reactions to her below

But Mrs Osei has responded to the various allegations through a very lengthy press statement posted on her Twitter handle @glory_osei.

She defended saying, her business is not a ponzi scheme, pointing out that “Everything we have done from when we started till now is to maximize the resources at our disposal, making sure to not take more than what we need to achieve what needs to be done.”


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