May 27, 2020
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As the need to end violent attacks against fellow Africans become imperative, a new initiative has been launched by One United Africa where One million people are expected to sign their signatures denouncing the scourge and preach peace in the region.
This was communicated to Daily Mail on Wednesday by the founder, Bimbo Daramola while explaining the rational behind the new initiative.
The former House of Representatives member said it is necessary to stand up for the continent’s shared historical values and eschew violence to pave way for brotherhood and prosperity.
Daramola who has always been at the forefront of One United and peaceful Africa opined that the one million signatures would be in “support of a violence free and United Africa.”

“It’s one of our initiatives to drive the agenda, to fight back in defence of motherland, to protect that which our forebears lived for and passed on to us.

“Our unity is our family porcelain.”

He revealed that a lot of people have signed into the agenda such that “within six hours (6) of the opening of the link 83,000 people have signed on from across the continent, men and women, from different walks of life and spread across ages.”

He urged people to sign into the initiative adding that, “Signing on means a lot to the future of Africa and Africans, it means you have become an advocate of one united Africa, which is the continental agenda code named #AFRICA2020.”

Explaining what would happen after meeting the one million signatures, he pointed out that, “These signatures will be submitted as a resolution of Africans to compel more concerted focus and demand for action from AU and State Actors about the evil phenomenon on the continent.”
One United Africa is an organization that’s working towards ending black on black violence. The spate of violence against other Africans in South Africa has driven sharp focus on the continent necessitating new approach on how to curb and end the scourge.
Daily Mail reports that, the organisation hopes to employ the power of music to preach love, peace and unity among Africans and involve the youths especially the millennial into seeing peace and brotherhood as necessary factors for growth and development in the region.

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