May 25, 2020
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January 17, 20204min650

As more and more continental and international personalities continue to endorse One United Africa project towards African peace and unity, former Secretary General of the CommonWealth Of Nations, Emeka Anyaoku has endorsed the laudable project.

He urged African leaders, all and sundry to embrace and support the initiative.
Mr Anyoaku played host to the leaders of One United Africa on Thursday, led by the founder of the project, Honourable Bimbo Daramola in his residence in Abuja.
The Nigerian elder statesman received a frame from the organisation as presented to him by Honourable Daramola on behalf of the group.
Speaking, Anyoaku said he had lost hope for African peace, unity and oneness until he began to hear of the project.
“I had began to lose hope about that African Unity dream,” he said, adding that, “listening to you in the One African crusade, I can say there’s a resurgence of hope in the younger generation to sustain the dream and vision of a United Africa.”
He opined further that ” I am reassured that with as few as three of your ilks in our nations’ parliaments, the vision we had for Africa can be truly revived again.”
Speaking during the visit, Honourable Daramola said the purpose of the visits was to inform him of the new agenda for African peace while soliciting for his support.
He promised to ensure the project finds solutions to the scourge of violence against fellow blacks in the continent, expressing the hope that the elusive economic development can be realised when peace pervades.
Mr Anyaoku joins many other personalities such as former Presidents, Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria, Founder of Daar Communications, Raymond Dokpesi, among others who have endorsed the project.
One United Africa project is geared towards African Unity, peace, brotherhood and prosperity. It seeks to involve all Africans beyond the continent to embrace peace and reinvent pan-Africanism that was the rallying cry of freedom fighters and abolitionists in the continent and across the world.
It draws inspiration from that works of Julius Nyerere, Martin Luther king whose black African dream saw to the emergence of Barack Obama, the first and only African American President of the United States with his famous ‘I have a dream…’
The organisation recently launched a website where One million people are expected to sign their signatures denouncing violence and embracing peace in the continent. So far, close to one hundred thousand people have signed the document.
The initiators believe peace and prosperity would be realised in the continent if leaders and corporate organisations support and sponsor the project to enable the grassroots to be properly aware and involved.

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