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Former Presidential Candidate of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, Pastor John Dara has said Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, has no private jet.
The former Special Adviser to former Minister of Defence, Theophilus Danjuma stated this on Friday in Abuja while speaking exclusively with Daily Mail.
According to the seasoned politician now a full time pastor of Disciples Transformation Church, DTC, it’s wrong to say the General Overseer of RCCG was flamboyant.

“In fairness to some of the church leaders, anybody who thinks Adeboye is flamboyant is not being realistic. He’s not flamboyant but they will say he has a private jet.
“He doesn’t have a private jet, the church has a private jet,” he said.
Speaking further, he said he’s not sure of the General Overseer of Winners Church, Pastor David Oyedepo owned a private jet.
 “I don’t know whether Oyedepo is the owner of the private jet or the church but I think it is the church. So corporate ownership doesn’t translate to personal ownership.
“President Buhari does not have a private jet that’s why we were complaining when the daughter was using it because we actually said it belongs to us and when he leaves, another president will come in.”
He pointed out that, “If you looked at the the personal life style of Adeboye, his house in Redemption Camp is modest, his dressing is modest, they don’t even eat as well as most of us.
“I personally had to talk to Oyedepo, ‘you are fasting too much’; And it is ridiculous you know to say some body is fasting too much but he does not eat in most of his time. So, what is he doing with his money and his not flamboyant either.
“He preaches in white suit. That’s all  what he wears but when you look at the some of the younger preachers who want to draw attentions to themselves to wear Gucci, is childish, immaturity.
“Why is Kumuyi not looking for Gucci? What’s his business? For people that say they own the university, well ‘oga’ leave that one. All the best educational institutions in the world have connections with the church. Harvard, Preston; they have connections, either owned by a church or a devote Christian who is well enough to start.
“Harvard is expensive, Preston is expensive. All those universities, for you to be able to sustain it, there is a threshold in terms of income you must cross otherwise it will collapse.
He pointed out that “people say their universities are expensive; they don’t even know what the churches are. The church in Nigeria is doing more for the ordinary man than government. The number of people employed by Oyedepo or Adeboye’s ministry is huge, so where would they have gotten a job if not from the church? Where would they be working?
Do you know how many schools Living Faith Church, has around Nigeria?
“So where would those children had gone to school if those schools where not built? At least by going there, they have left room for others to go elsewhere. So why is it that we choose to be negative about church contributions to the system.”
He stated further that, “Some of us will try to change the narrative because I believe the church can do much more. There are many people who would like to believe that many people in Babcock, Bowen – all those Christian universities –  are on scholarships provided by the church. “I was the chairman of the board of advancement of Bowen University and I know that children of pastors are given partial scholarship. All baptist pastors’ children are entitled to discount. It is  automatic but outsiders don’t know. And that’s apart from the fact that they are others who are given scholarships and are considered indigent students.
Explaining, he narrated further by saying, “My younger brother is a professor of law in US. He used to be a singer when he was a teenager in the church. He was so good that people at weddings wanted him to perform. The Baptist gave give him what they call half scholarship to cover his tuition to go to America. So we in the family had to raise the rest of the money and he is gone.
“The are too many stories like that who they are what they are today because of opportunities given by the church.
“So all those silly talks about; of course I am embarrassed when I see materialism, worldliness.
“The problem about that is that whereas some people are calling themselves pastors who are not born again, they are not Christians by strict definition and even those who went to seminaries. Some of them went to seminaries because they tried to get into the university, they couldn’t get into the university, so they had nowhere else to go.
He disagreed what he termed general assumptions pointing out that,  “When such people don’t have the required spiritual depth or commitment and they misbehave, you can not use that to start defining everybody. Olukuya, my good friend, David, was a tough flight genetic engineer, a scientist in this country. In fact he became full time with mountain of fire less than five years ago. It is  In yaba (Lagos, Nigeria) medical research centre that he used to work and he is a celebrated scientist.
“So, using the same brain, he started Mountain of Fire and Miracles as a devote Christian period who just wants to impact life of others. For years, people were saying won’t you resign from civil service job and come and do this full time? It only when the thing has matured to a certain level that he left.
“So is Olukoya flamboyant? Is he materialistic? So the big picture is often distorted and then of cause the orthodox churches, many wonderful men of God. Professor Uche of Methodist Church; I knew him before he became a pastor. These are serious Christians.”
He explained that, “Many of the Anglican today were fellow Christian union, so how do you now because you have show boys who don’t know what they are doing or misbehaving you now generalise and say pastors are this or pastors are that. 
“I think the secret of ‘prosperity’ In the church today is because the level of education of many of these people coming to ministry is very high and they are bringing excellent managerial skills to run the affairs of the church. 
“So with prudence, with probity  people are more willing to give. The consequence is the small resources are available for the work. I am not aware of many of them diverting money for his personal means. The children of Adeboye had their own struggles, they are only just settling down.  And the children of Oyedepo, the same thing. Like all parents, they were just praying, ‘oh my children will believe in all what I believe and coming to this’, and it is not that easy. 
“In fact, some of Kumuyi’s children say, ‘I don’t want to be like daddy’. 
“So that is my opinion that there is a general misunderstanding of what is going on in the church. But I have no doubt in my mind that the church needs revival, the church needs a new commitment to the ideals of Christianity and that is a continuous process.

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