May 29, 2020
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The twin brother of the slain Seminarian, Raphael, has said kidnappers killed their beloved brother after they had tortured and collected ransom.

He spoke to the Punch in ana interview session in Kaduna.
He explained that the school did everything possible to free his brother by paying the ransom which he said he did not know how much was paid.
He said, “Actually, they didn’t tell us the amount, we heard different figures. Some said it was N20m while some others said it was N50m.
“I think the ransom was paid by the school authority in conjunction with Bishop (Kukah), but I don’t know how much was paid.”
Giving an insight of their life together, he said, “We would have turned 19 years old next week, precisely on February 16, but unfortunately, Michael is gone. We are so close that the pursuit of his dream of priesthood was the only thing that separated us, until his death.
“We had our primary education at Holy Family Nursery and Primary School in Sokoto and secondary education at Saint Joseph’s Minor Seminary in Zaria, Kaduna State.
“He was admitted as a seminarian of the Diocese of Sokoto and proceeded to Saint Paul Spiritual Year Seminary, Gwaza, in Niger State, before heading to Good Shepherd Major Seminary, Kaduna, for his philosophical training and formation.
“Michael was so much committed and loved the things of God, that his choice to become a priest did not surprise many people who knew him. My consolation is that he did not die in vain, pursuing things of the world but rather, he died in the service to God, training for the priesthood.
“The report we got was that he was shot dead and his remains were found 24 hours after the announcement of the release of his colleagues. His death was very painful.
“The signs of injuries on his body, from torture, leave me with thoughts that he must have gone through harrowing and excruciating pains and agony before he was eventually killed. I pray that God should accept his soul. I pray for him to rest in peace and ask God to strengthen us, the family he left behind.”
According to him, “The person that is worst hit is our aged grandmother, who has been taking care of us since the death of our mother, more than six years ago.
“The words of consolation and encouragement from people around us that this is not the end of the world and that I need to brace myself because the way I present myself to her will determine how she will react to life, has been my sufficient grace.
“First, we were shocked when we heard that he was abducted alongside other seminarians in their hostel and we resorted to prayers for their safety and release. We were hopeful of his eventual release upon hearing that one of them was first released and later two others. “So we were very to see the picture of his dead body with injuries on Facebook. I was shattered and devastated. The picture with injuries on his body, black and swollen eyes, probably from torture, saddened me and made me ask endlessly, why upon his gentility, his killers were so heartless to torture him? “Immediately I saw the picture, I contacted my aunt. Though, the news of his death was all over the social media, we were told to wait till when the Bishop of Sokoto Catholic Diocese, Bishop Matthew Kukah, who had to cut short his assignment in Abuja, would return to Sokoto.
“Bishop Kukah, on arrival in Sokoto headed straight to our house. He called us together as a family and broke the news to us.
“He said the killing of Michael (Nnadi) was unexpected and shocking, as the ransom demanded by the abductors for the freedom of the four seminarians was actually paid. But at the end, they still went ahead and killed Michael (Nnadi).”
He explained that, “When he was kidnapped, we only had one opportunity to hear from him. The only person he talked to was our grandmother and the only thing he was allowed to say was, ‘Mum, please bring the money, if not they will kill me today or tomorrow’. That was the last thing we heard from him. We then contacted and relayed the information we got from him to the church, and they swung into action to get him and his colleagues released.”

Daily Mail reports that Four students of Good Shepherd Major Seminary were kidnapped on January 9, 2020, when gunmen invaded the school located at Kaukau in the Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

After about three weeks in captivity, one of the four Catholic seminarians, identified as Michael Nnadi, was killed, while the others – Kanwai Pius, Stephen John Paul and Umeanuka Peter – were released in batches by their kidnappers.
The Registrar of the seminary, Rev. Father Joel Usman, confirmed the killing of Nnadi, saying he was found dead.

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