May 29, 2020
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February 9, 20205min1040

The General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Enoch Adeboye has received knocks as lawmakers have advised him not spend people’s offerings and tithes on himself.

The lawmakers were reacting to Adeboye’s advice Thatcher should take a pay cut but they hit back hard saying, “he should rather not spend tithes and offering in buying private jets for himself or spend offerings that should have been used to serve God and humanity in living larger while his faithful who make such donations live in penury.

Hon Success Torhukerhijo- Member, Ondo State House of Assembly representing Ese- Odo constituency responded by saying, “Let me tell you straight away that our responsibilities in our different constituencies surpass what we even earn as salaries.

“What we earn is even too small and considering a reduction is out of it. Calling for a reduction is not even possible because it’s only when you earn bogus salaries that you would contemplate that a reduction won’t affect you.

“But in a situation that what you even earn is not enough for you and your family then what we should be talking about should be how it can be increased. So a reduction in whatever guise is unacceptable.

“What we earn as legislators is not comparable to the enormous responsibilities that we face on daily basis in our constituencies.”

“Let the General Overseers and Pastors too sacrifice from the tithes and other offerings they collect from their church members. How much is even our salary that someone is asking that it should be reduced by 50 percent.”

Hon Femi Akindele, Member, Ekiti State House of Assembly said, “If our salary from even the Presidency to the last person which is the councillor is to be slashed by 50% we all welcome it, if the religious leaders like him can as well sacrifice all the money that accrued to his office by taking care of the indigents within their various denominations.

“So that will even encourage those of us who are political office holders to even go further than even 50% , because as it is today, it is the political office holders that the people, the masses turn to for help on a daily basis, it is the political office holders that people will come to their various houses for school fees, for hospital bills, for health challenges and several other things, yet the churches are the ones amassing this wealth collecting money from these poor people without giving back anything commensurate. They are the ones establishing the schools that their members can’t afford to send their wards to.”

Arthur Egwim representing Ideato North state constituency, Imo state House of Assembly said, “the pastors should first of all tell the public what they do with the tithe they have been collecting; secondly, they have been the ones leading expensive life style, with some of them buying private jets for themselves.

“These pastors are the ones collecting tithes and calling politicians to come and donate money to their churches. These pastors have been buying private jets. What have they done?

“They are the ones causing the problem in Nigeria, do you know how many Honourable members that are paying tithes?

“Have you gone to their universities, do you know how much they collect in their universities?

“They are all manipulators, they can not advise me as a politician because they don’t have that moral right. The problem of Nigeria is religion”.

He said they spend all tithes and offerings on themselves and buy expensive private jets while their members live in abject poverty.


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