May 31, 2020
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The Special Adviser to Governor Godwin Obaseki on Media and Communication Strategy, Mr Crusoe Osagie, has said the former Governor of the state current National Chairman of the All Progressives Party, APC, Adams Oshiomhole wanted a declaration of state of emergency with his violent conduct in the state.

Speaking in an interview the Punch, the aide said, “We believe according to intelligent information available to us that (Adams) Oshiomhole is the one orchestrating all these attacks and they are trying to stir controversies in the state.

“We believe that his intention is to force the Federal Government to declare a state of emergency in Edo State.”

He continued saying, “I am sure anybody who wants to tell the truth knows that Oshiomhole has been making frantic efforts to seize control of the state from the governor by using violent means or using extra democratic means.

“His original intention was to use the state lawmakers to remove the governor. After he failed in that attempt, he went to the National Assembly to come and take over the Edo State House of Assembly. “That was the second attempt of trying to take over the House of Assembly through undemocratic means. Of course at that time, the National Assembly felt indebted to him because he had just helped them to arrange the emergence of its principal officers of the at that time.

“So, they quickly adopted the resolution to come and take over the Edo State House of Assembly under the supervision of Oshiomhole.

“We went to court and the court stood firmly and said it was against the constitution for the National Assembly to take over the state House of Assembly. It also said that it was aainst the law of the land to be forced to issue a second proclamation when the governor had already issued one. So, by the grace of God, the judiciary saved us at that time.

“This next move is along the same line. Since he failed in his plan to use the House of Assembly to impeach the governor, he is now trying to use the security agencies in Abuja by causing crises in the state.

“They want to make a case to the Federal Government that Edo State is a theatre of war where law and order have broken down so that they can declare a state of emergency and seize government from Obaseki.”

He denied accusation from Oshiomhole that his principal was desperate. “A sitting governor is a sitting governor. Do you become desperate over a seat you are already occupying? I don’t understand that.

“The time for election has not come when you can talk of desperation. Can the governor become desperate over a position he is already holding?”

Daily Mail reports that Oshiomhole is not disposed to having Obaseki getting the APC’s ticket to contest for the second term. The political struggle in the state has led to violent deaths and destruction of properties.


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