May 31, 2020
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February 9, 20204min630

The father of Mariam, a 14-year- old pupil of Delight International School, Aboru, Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos, who was hit by stray bullet fired by the police has said he rejected N20,000 from the police after her daughter was shot.

The father, Mukaila Shobukola who said they come from Ogun State explained that he went to his workshop at Iyana Ipaja, “where I do painting/spraying. Later on that day, my wife, Olabisi, called me that I should rush to our area that our daughter was shot.

“I asked her what really happened.  She said she was hit by police stray bullet during the protest between okada/tricycle operators and the police over the manner the police were enforcing the ban of okadas and kekes in Aboru/Iyana Ipaja areas of the state.”

According to the 55-year-old artist and painter, “I was told that my daughter was around their school (Delight International School Aboru) area when she suddenly fell down. It was then people around noticed that she had been hit by a bullet.”

He accused the police of doing nothing initially when his daughter was shot, saying, “That day, the police were not ready to do anything – they were nonchalant. They have not done anything to assist us since that day. They were only looking at us.

“On Wednesday, three policemen came. They said they were from the station and that they came to get statement from us about the incident.

“On Thursday, they sent a policewoman. She did not meet me at the hospital because I went to the laboratory. She met my wife and children there.

“She said her Divisional Police Officer gave her N20,000 to give to us over the incident. My wife told her she could not collect the money and that she was not the only one that gave birth to the child and she should wait for the father (me) to come.

“My wife called me to inform me about the development. When I met the policewoman, she said the DPO said she should give us N20,000. I rejected it because there was nothing to do with N20,000 and that my immediate concern was how to rescue my daughter from the jaws of death.”

He lamented pointing out that, ” I have spent over N130,000. Now the surgeons have given us another bill. Apart from what we have spent before, we are asked to pay about N140,000 and her medicine has not stopped.

“We keep buying drugs and spending on different issues to treat the wound. I need the assistance of Nigerians in this precarious matter we are faced.

“I feel so bad with the situation because I am neither an okada man nor a keke operator – I have my own business I am doing.”

He called on the government “to intervene in the matter and assist us. We are also calling on public-spirited individuals to help us.

“We have incurred a lot of debts since the incident. As I speak with you, we do not have money again. We have spent much since the incident.”

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