Jun 01, 2020
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February 10, 20202min730

Again, reports obtained by Daily Mail say six people have been abducted along Magumeri – Gubio road in Borno State.

The attackers bore the marks of boko haram insurgent group operating in that area and a large swathe of North East Nigeria.

Recent attacks in and from the border towns in Niger, Chad and Cameroon have been sporadic all aimed at exerting ransom.

In this attack in which residents say happened on Sunday, around 1:00pm, the suspected terrorists mounted vehicle road block at the village, which is about 23 km from Magumeri, where they stopped vehicles and demanded for self identification of passengers.

“They asked some of the passengers to come down from the vehicles and entered another truck waiting which drove into the forest, while other passengers were asked to enter their vehicles and leave,” one of the travellers, who identified himself as Mohammed Ahmadu was quoted by dozens of news agencies.

However, no one has claimed responsibility and no ransom has been demanded.

Boko Haram has heightened kidnapping as a result of displacement with reports say they hold no actual territory again.

Agency reports say they are confined to fringes, border towns hence the sporadic abductions for ransom.

(SOURCE: Agencies)

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