May 31, 2020
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As customers can no longer tolerate the poor network being experienced with the use of Airtel Nigeria internet, many customers have begun porting away in numbers from the network, Daily Mail can report.
Daily Mail visited many other internet service providers in Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt, Rivers State and customers who were porting away from the network said for days now airtel network has become bad and the management have refused to say anything to them.
According to a young lady who identified herself simply as Linda, “Airtel customer care is not even available. You are on your own if anything goes wrong,” she told Daily Mail in Port Harcourt.
A business man who refused to identify himself at the same centre where he was porting away two of his airtel numbers said, “I have no option than to port away. Their internet has become the worse and no one is explaining anything.
“Its like those people (airtel management) are no longer interested in business or they think they are the only one in this business.
“Those who mean business are now receiving us in their networks. If they too messed up, we would port. But for now, let airtel suffer it,” he said.
In Lagos, customers where queuing in few centres Daily Mail visited to port away from the network. Asked why they were spending such precious time to port away from an existing network, they said bad network and “No one knows when airtel would resolve their problem. Our businesses can’t wait for them because we need internet to conduct our business,” a customer who volunteered to speak said.
In Abuja, “I will never port to airtel or use their network again,” a young woman who identified herself as Rose boomed.
Angry at how her four days of what she described as “ordeal in the hands of those unserious people,” he said, “We have more than enough internet service providers in Nigeria for us to use.
“If airtel does not want to provide services again, they should pack. They have messed us up for days now with no explanation.
“All they do is sending fake reward messages to get 100% when you recharge as if one would cook with the data. They can’t fix their poor network. They didn’t even say anything about it.
“I have ported,” she said walking away.
No airtel staff or management team agreed to speak with Daily Mail.
In one Lagos airtel centre, one of the staff was rude to Daily Mail and “said your plan won’t work. Nobody would talk to you. Just go away.”
 Attempts to speak with their customer care to get some explanation also failed as its 111 and 121 me to diverting and in most cases not available.
Daily Mail reports that for over a week now, airtel network has become very bad that its internet services have become particularly bad leading to numerous complaints followed by anger.
The resentment Daily Mail reports has led to this unprecedented moving away from the network which would eventually affect the company’s customers base and businesses as the competition becomes difficult.
Daily Mail reports that in their bid to woo many customers to have their network, the telecom service providers have continued to slash the cost of data purchase and doubling all data purchases on their network. But this appears not to be working for airtel at the moment as findings show.

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