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In Dunamis’ Glory Dome, the Lord really resides
Nigeria, it’s been comically put, is home to churches more than anywhere else in the world but a poverty capital of the world. It is the belief that, with so many religious houses should ordinarily translate into a prosperous people.
In truth however, as Daily Mail investigates, avalanche of churches appear to drown out the few (sic) good ones.
Yet, existence of so many churches is not a guarantee that there won’t be poverty again or all the poor would turn rich over night. Besides religious houses are not meant to create wealth but government.
However, one of such few good ones is Dunamis International Gospel Centre, DIGC, popularly called Dunamis,  whose magnificent headquarters called Glory Dome lights up the environment along the airport road Abuja.
Arial view of Dunamis’ Glory Dome, along airport road, Abuja
To passers-by, it might just be another building or another waste from another church. But last Sunday’s visit to the church showed it is more than the usual Nigerian church.
Entering the church towards the conclusion of the first service was like an end to a world cup final played by two global footballing giants. One could be tempted to believe so if not for clear signs showing it’s a church.
If the mammoth attendants crowding out the church premises was awe-dropping, the conduct of the second and third services were nothing short of spiritual elevation and an understanding that, when a man is chosen to shepherd the flock by God, he does it effortlessly and God really does show His presence.
And if the rendition to pave way for the preaching of the day was to lift the faithful’s spirit, it was the beginning of an everlasting experience. It is uncommon to see a journalist forget his mandate – listen and report the news. That has always been the mandate wherever he goes. Almost everywhere at all times, a journalist searches and listens for the news. And religious houses are no different.
But this was different. As rendition gave way for teaching, the Senior Pastor, Dr Paul Enenche took over. Taking his reading from Habakkuk 2:2-4 , he explained that, “Vision is the value of life. Absent of vision is the devaluation of life where people are motionless and are worthless.
“Where there is no vision people perish, people are stripped of honour and dignity.”
He took his teaching practically by applying it to human daily life. The need to conceive the vision, act on it, cross check the vision during application, the faith in the vision and God, the urgency in working the vision and the patient to ensure the result or goal set is achieved.
Safe to say, vision needs a master plan from conception to attainment.
Pastor Enenche was speaking directly about political offices in Nigeria but he did not mention it. As one who has always spoken truth to power and suggested ways governance could wear human face, he is indirectly saying, to go into governance requires vision. The vision that would prepare the occupants to execute projects for the common goods.
Political offices are manned for the greater number to enjoy the common goods. That there’s now a dichotomy between ecclesiology and secularism does not in any way mean that governance cannot have a human face or elements that are found in religious undertaken.
It is exactly this order of things Pastor Enenche was speaking about. That for political office holders to deliver for the common goods, they must imbibe these effective and workable processes. Conceive a vision, evolve the plan, work the plan on deliverables, review your plan, execute and believe it will work. Because it is a larger society, the involvement of people must be undertaken because each citizen has denoted his sovereignty willingly as given to him by God to be governed by a central authority.
But then, on that very Sunday, the Senior Pastor whose beautiful wife was beaming with smile all through the church services decided to interrogate actions and inactions of the flock. Like a man asking the heir to the throne, the crown Prince, does he even know the palace or is he prepared to take after me, Pastor Enenche simply tasked his flock to be prepared for the task ahead.
Indeed when the flock grow, the church grows, the community grows and the nation grows. And this can only be achieved through vision.
The attention to details in the teaching to the unison in the Church showed that Enenche was one working on a vision. How were things so ordered in such a huge church? Every few meters away were church workers and individuals who occupied relevant spaces to ensure orderliness. There was no protest or display of anger of any sort. Every one acted in a way to edify God in His glorious majesty.
And it showed in the pastor. His dance steps then his body language was showing a man truly chosen by God.
The feeding of the flock was exemplified both in word and action. First time members were prayed for and taken to a special place where they were counselled and given meal.
During the second service, an elderly man with leg problem, walking on crutches was healed. It was unbelievable. Then during the third service, another elderly man with neck and spinal chord problems who had a collar strapped around his neck got healed. The healing was devoid of the usual drama that characterises such actions in the church. It was no doubt telling miracle moments.
Interestingly, the church workers numbering about thousands returned and patiently waited for a meeting that took the time to well past 3pm. Yet, they were beaming with smile and happiness to play their path.
Daily Mail had wanted to speak to the Senior Pastor but the number of people waiting along the path made it impossible, one understands it was quite a busy Sunday. Or what could one do when children were running to hug their father in the Lord?
As afternoon began to give way to evening, it was time to take one final shot at the church. Yes, one has benefited spiritually, savouring the church building was not a bad idea at all.
As one walked within the church, a voice from behind asked, “Is this your first time sir?
“Yes please,” was the response.
“Did you enjoy it?
“I came to behold the much talked about church, it’s magnificent, it hugeness but I ended up leaving with conversion and self belief. Something strange struck me that stopped me from doing my job as a journalist. And that was God’s presence who rather told me to pray and leave behind why i came.”
And the voice laughed and said, “You are at the right place. Perhaps if you meet the Senior Pastor, you would even have better idea and appreciate God more.”
To which I said, “My brother, I can’t argue on that. God’s really in this Dome.”
The relationship between Nigerian Pastors and the members has always been spoken of as one of lord and servant in classification but the understanding, the respect, the obedience, the loyalty and humility of the Senior Pastor towards the members and the members’ acceptable disposition, how pleased they were is how the flock can best be nurtured and fed.
And nowhere else in the ever multiplying churches in Nigeria than the Dome. Indeed, God really lives in the Glory Dome.
(Isuma Isuma, Editor of Daily Mail, related his first time experience after visiting Dunamis Church, in Abuja)

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