May 27, 2020
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March 4, 20202min570

An unspecified number of people including soldiers do the Operation Lafiya Dole have been reportedly killed by a Boko Haram attack on Damboa Village.

The attack which took security personnel and community by surprise led to every one running helter skelter and the terrorists bulldozed the area freely.

A local vigilante source told The Nation that the insurgents had earlier written to the communities of Damboa of their planned attack. Though they were said to have made several failed attempts until today when the lunched their attack.

Some of the eyewitnesses said the insurgents came at about 30 gun trucks mounted and began to fire sporadically at anything within sight.

The soldiers were said to be in position, ready to repel attacks, having been pre-informed of the planned attack by the insurgents an other report says.

“When they starting shooting people began to run to the bush. The hunters and CJTF along with soldiers engaged them, but it seems they have come prepared until the soldiers get air support before the insurgents began to withdraw,” Adamu Yusuf disclosed in another account.

Another resident, Isa Adamu said, the insurgents were being expected since yesterday, but they did not show up until this morning and they came from three directions, a situation which almost threw the soldiers into confusion.

Sanusi Ibrahim said both the ground soldiers and the Airforce support helped the soldiers to overcome the attackers.

“We are lucky because of the Airforce jet. It would have been worse without them. The soldiers on the ground also did well,” he informed.

Damboa is located between Alagarno and Sambisa forest. It has been one of the vulnerable villages prone to Boko Haram attack because of its proximity to.

Meanwhile, the number of casualty is still not certain as no official statement has been released by the Army.

(Additional reports from agencies).


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