May 31, 2020
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March 19, 20204min31850
How Ikpeazu went to India, slept in coffin for 7 days, swore an oath in shrine to become governor
Bizarre as it may sound, it has emerged that sponsors of the current Abia State Governor, Okezie Ikpeazu forced him to India to sleep in a coffin for seven days before agreeing to make him governor.
The Governor was also made to swear an oath to be loyal, obedient and allow the sponsors decide how he would rule the state.
According to the only page, page three of the oath agreement, which was entered before the god called Royal Mystic Emperor of Harashima, the Great Hindu god on the 26th September, 2014, he promised not to interfere with anything the sponsors desired to do.
The oath which the governor swore to said, “That i shall not interfere with any appointment, contracts, purchases and other sundries to be made by my sponsors as avenues to recouping the resources spent during the election.
“That I shall never contest any amount presented to me or to be deducted by my sponsors as expenses incurred by installing me as the governor of Abia State, Nigeria.
Oath agreement allegedly entered into between Ikpeazu & sponsors

“That my loyalty to my sponsor while I remain the governor of the state shall remain constant while I shall inquire and take directives from my sponsors virtually in all matters throughout my days as Governor of Abia State, Nigeria.”

The oath agreement further said, “This document represents an evidence of the oral oath that I have taken and stands as a remembrance for any violation shall bring a permanent curse from the great Harashima upon me, my family and the entire state.
“I swear by this oath agreement with my entire life on this date before phish Royal Mystic Emperor of Harashima, the Great Hindu god.”
According to a source which leaked parts of the oath agreement, it was part of the documents taken by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC, during a raid in one of r he houses of the immediate past Governor of the sare, Theodore Orji.
Orji was now a senator did not pick his call when Daily made effort to verify the information.
Since the oath agreement surfaced online, neither the Abia State Governor nor any of his aides has denied it.
Attempts to reach the governor’s chief press Secretary or special assistant on media failed as their telephone lines did not connect.

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