May 25, 2020
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2023: Osinbajo campaign groups flood social media, VP denies groups

Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo appears to be gearing up for the 2023 presidential election even as Nigeria battles the novel coronavirus otherwise known as Covid-19.
This is as the Vice President has allegedly constituted various groups secretly, opening social media accounts to deploy consistent social media campaign even before the stage is set.
One of the social media platforms opened on Facebook, on 5th April, 2020, called  PYO ( PYO stands for President Yemi Osinbajo) has so far garnered  over 10, 000 members mostly youths.
While it has the VP’s picture boldly used as the cover, another picture with an accompanied message saw Osinbajo demonstratively having what appeared to be a robust discussion like a Chief Executive.
Instructively however is the catch phrase behind the second picture which reads, “Take Flight”.
The message accompanying the second picture with the title “FOR CLARIFICATION”, reads: “This is a movement in support of Professor Yemi Osinbajo as it is clearly evident.
“The movement is joining forces to complement the effort of PYO’s competence, capacity and character.
“Stakeholders driving this boat, are those who believe profoundly in the values PYO hold so sacred.”
The message continued” “As we write, The Vice President,- PYO himself is focused and committed on ending the #Covid-19 pandemic and achieving the duties set for him by his boss and those permitted officially within the ambit of the Constitution. We boldly say he’s not in anyway distracted by this movement.
“The movement is based on truths and facts and not an intentional showboating of any sort.
“It is an intertribal and  interreligious movement that is purely devoid of tribal cum religious sentiments.”
VP Osinbajo on one of the pictures depicting a move away from current policy of the APC administration

Daily Mail in-house political analyst, Odama Agama explains that it means leaving the past behind and creating a blissful future.

According to Agama, “It’s a clear message. A man belonging to the system is saying ‘Take Flight’, that means a lot. There’s something happening behind the scene that we don’t know.
“The VP said he was going to be on 14-day isolation, and he began that isolation before the 5th of April, does it mean that is what he has been working on?
“‘Take Flight’ is very indicative and instructive. It means as things are not working, ‘let’s leave. I have a better idea, come with me. Let’s simply leave the past,'” Agama said.
Another group which called itself PYO 2023 Presidential Support Group, was opened on March 8th, 2020 with few members. The members in this group as at Friday 10th, were less than 200.
There are also specific groups such PYO Media Team, PYO Economic Team all on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter enjoying huge following despite being less than two weeks of being opened.
But when contacted, the spokesperson for the Vice President said, “We don’t know these folks, but they would have picked the photo from Google.”
There have been rumours that the VP has been getting set to deploy certain specific groups to serve as his fore-campaigners. They would be charged with addressing specific areas of concern such as economy, tech transfer and innovations as well as social welfarism.
Daily Mail reports that Osinbajo championed one of the key campaign promises of the All Progressive Congress, APC, where they promised unemployment stipends among others. He also personally took charge and was visible during the 2019 campaign when he distributed money to market women in the name of conditional cash transfers.
Osinbajo would be hoping to pip his political godfather, Bola Tinubu to his party, APC’s ticket to become the party’s flag bearer.

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