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Would U.S. suspension of W.H.O. funding have effect on you? Read the FAQs

On Tuesday, the United States President, Mr Donald Trump, suspended his country’s 15% funding to the World Health Organization, W.H.O. with huge implication and likely reconfiguration of the global health body in the offing.
U.S. no doubt is the biggest and strongest country in the world. She has the largest economy in the world worth a staggering  $21.44 trillion.
Aside that, she has a developed economy that’s always expanding, large, mobile, efficient and research-inclined military. Only the U.S. in the world today can invade any country on earth singlehandedly.
In all fairness therefore to her size and position in the world, she’s the police man of the world and the world’s General but we are more in a multipolar world than ever. While the U.S. is the only country that can do anything and get away with it, global uproar can cause ripple effects against her even among her traditions allies like the United Kingdom. Literally therefore, What the U.S. says, she does, the world does and everyone goes back to sleep with the role of terrorist organizations inconsequential here.
So what are the implications for you as the U.S. suspends funding to the W.H.O.?
W.H.O was established in 1948 during the Second World War to among other roles advocate for universal healthcare, monitoring public health risks, coordinate responses to health emergencies, and promote human health and well being.
It provides technical assistance to countries, sets international health standards and guidelines, and collects data on global health issues through the World Health Survey.
What is the size of the U.S 15%?
The W.H.O.’s budget for 2020 is  $246.8 million, only $79 million had been paid by members as of March 31.
The U.S.’s annual budget to W.H.O. reached $122.6m in 2019 and that’s a lot of money to the organization
Mr Trump ordered a reduction of that allocation which brought it down to $57.9m, still by far the largest contribution.
China pays in the second highest sum, $28.6m, followed by Japan’s $20.5m.
There lies Mr Trump’s anger because he who pays the piper dictates the tune.
Does withholding funding by the U.S. matter?
Yes it does especially now that W.H.O. needs large pool of funds. Just like in all international organizations, the U.S. remains the largest contributor and her 15% in her latest budget to the organisation is too huge a funding to be denied the W.H.O at this critical time.
What can W.H.O. do now?
Diplomacy. That’s it, diplomacy. The organization must find a way to reach Donald Trump, assure him of its responsibility, and prove it’s not unduly cowering to Chinese influence to doctor reports or be denied access to critical information concerning coronavirus.
It must first acknowledge its role in this controversy and accepts its failings then roll back some of its closeness to China and make the organization a global one not one dictated to by one emerging country that contributes far less than the U.S. that’s aggrieved by its careless handling of the coronavirus.
Is that the only thing W.H.O. can do?
No, the organization must as a matter of urgency explain its financial expenditures and be transparent in everything. It must assure the world it is a transparent and not a biased organization. It must accept criticism and accept to move forward in the face of this coronavirus pandemic.
But can China pick the 15% Bill?
Yes, China can squeeze herself and pick the bill but that would be a lot of asking because U.S. contribution is huge. When you add the U.S. and Chinese contributions, it’s a staggering $86.5m. But China is capable, it simply needs to deny certain areas funding and bring the funds to the W.H.O. but that’s not sustainable and no one, not even Beijing can guarantee such a donation to a single global body. And if Beijing wants to prove her global clout, she can at least in the main time rescue the  W.H.O. just that Beijing can not be trusted in anything. From its domestic affairs to international affairs, China is one mess of a country no one knows anything about except, lies, deceptions and covert mode of co-operation.
Can China replace U.S. as the Policeman of the world with this?
No, this alone can’t make China replace the U.S. as the policeman of the world. It takes a lot more than that to attain that status. And China cannot attain that yet in the next ten decades or more.
That’s because China is not trusted. Two, China is still a far developing country with its domestic challenges. Three, the U.S. is heavily built around research and does that every second hence being world to the largest and richest hi-tech companies in the World. Four, the U.S. can turn off the internet and every one would literally be in darkness. Five, the U.S. understands Chinese attitude and what they want to do. With that, she’s pursuing China in all fronts making sure China doesn’t get close let alone leapfrog her.
But what other options are left for W.H.O.?
Worse case scenario which appears to be what Mr Trump is looking for now is sack the head of the organization. The W.H.O. is heavily corrupt and Mr Trump is very correct. It’s doubtful if the organization can explain its financial expenditures especially since Tedros Adhanom, an Ethiopian took over since 2017 as head. Tedros himself is seen as a very corrupt man and the circumstances leading to his emergence has been alleged to be one of the reasons for his bends towards China. Besides, his country, Ethiopia is heavily indebted to China and has very close relationship with Beijing. It’s more like Beijing’s vassal state.
W.H.O has been accused of being slow to respond in its avowed role. It allocates far less to research but picks interest in global politics now under Tedros.
Mr Trump gave just a little away when he announced funding freeze but by saying they are investigating, it’s sure he wants to see the back of Tedros.
Mr Trump is someone who ensures all does not end well for you once he hates you and wants your back. You can only check what he has done to all his former friends at some points after appointing them into plum positions, he sacked them once their positions are compromised. That appears to be his target and time will tell.
Should you be alarmed and worried over the scenario?
Certainly yes. Without adequate funding, the W.H.O. that already needs money would further fail in responding to global epidemic, pandemic and other global health issues. By its role, it creates awareness and gives directions on what countries must do on health issues. It issues advisory and also funds health sectors in all developing countries which directly impacts on the life of the citizens.
You just have to look around to see health centres around your locality that’s funded by the W.H.O.
With such lofty and huge role except now that it’s heavily politically ruptured, the W.H.O. is needed by you, by everyone and by every country.

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