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Woman who said she could sleep with men for N500 to feed her kids shared her donations to people

Mama Saheed sharing her gifts of rice to the needy


You remember Mama Saheed as she is known? She had last week said out of frustration that she could sleep with men (prostitution) for just N500 to feed her children as a result of the effects of the lockdown.

The outbreak of coronavirus has forced a lot of countries to initiate measures to contain the spread. Nigeria is one of such countries that embarked on lockdown as Abuja, Lagos and Ogun was put under lockdown by the President Muhammadu Buhari.

Being that over 70% of Nigerians live on daily income, it affected people especially in these areas and Mama was not left out. But no one expected Mama to wail in such a manner, perhaps she was pushed to the wall.

So, the visibly frustrated Mama, who with all appearances showed signs of a woman who has not had it good in life expressed her frustration in a video that went viral.

Mama Saheed sharing her gifts of bag of rice in portions

But some good Samaritans rose to her assistance to say she was too old to do such and no one should subject herself to such an ordeal just to feed her children.

But a good heart is a good heart. A benevolence heart is a benevolence heart as the woman living like Late Mama (Saint) Theresa has surprised not a few by donating everything she received to needy neighbours and members of the public.

The food items included rice, salt among others. And Mama donated all.

Mama Saheed’s gifts of bag of rice waiting to be shared to needy neighbours

Now that’s exemplary!

Mama is simply telling the wealthy and the politicians how to live a life.

Perhaps Mama should be made Minister of Humanitarian Affairs.

Daily Mail declares her the deserved winner of the 21st century philanthropist.

Segun Adejo (Ogun) is a celebrity reporter. Daniel James edited this story



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