May 27, 2020
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Fresh anxiety over Buhari’s Chief of Staff’s prolonged absence as whereabouts unknown

There are fresh anxieties regarding the health of President Muhammadu Buhari’s Chief of Staff, Abbah Kyari.
He is also not in Lagos, sources said after saying he was feeling well and would move to Lagos over a week now.
Kyari who has been a visible figure and most influential member of the resident’s kitchen cabinet has not been seen in public since taken ill over two weeks ago.
Nicknamed the ‘remote’ by Nigerians owing to allegation that he controls the President, Kyari who was diagnosed of the debilitating coronavirus started receiving treatment in Abuja even though it still remained unknown where he was being treated.
Daily Mail had reported arrangements were on to ship him to Lagos for coronary artery bypass in a private hospital after nearing recovery from the novel coronavirus.
But it appears the situation may have deteriorated needing full treatment from the virus before any fresh operation as serious as coronary artery bypass could be undertaken, a source said on Thursday.
A source had earlier told Daily Mail the operation was being delayed to explore opportunities in United Arab Emirates or Germany for him.
However, just as his whereabouts in Abuja has been unknown, his whereabouts in Lagos too has been unknown.
Checks conducted in the last four days to see if he was making progress health-wise showed that the private hospital that was touted would receive him did not.
A hospital source who confided in Daily Mail said “he was never brought here.”
The hospital, is one of the best in the country and is located in Ikoyi. It undertakes complex operations.
A week ago, the Cable, quoting a letter the newspaper said was personally signed by the Chief of Staff as saying he was doing okay and would resume work “soon” before the fresh lockdown.
“I am writing to let you know that on medical advice, I will transfer to Lagos later today for additional tests and observation. This is a precautionary measure: I feel well, but last week, I tested positive for coronavirus, the pandemic that is sweeping the world. I have followed all the protocols government has announced to self-isolate and quarantine,” Kyari was quoted in the letter.
But it appears, as a security source in the presidency revealed to Daily Mail on Thursday, the letter was not written by Kyari but he may have had a feint knowledge of it.
“It was cooked up to show he was improving,” the source said. Daily Mail could not verify the authenticity of the letter.
But after findings showed he was not in Lagos, the security official following the development said, “It is one mystery. Just last week he said he was feeling ok. I can say he is not in Lagos. No one can determine what his health status is. He has not been sighted in Abuja. So where might he be?”
He added, “It’s clearly showing the letter was cooked up, he didn’t write it. There’s something amiss, something doesn’t add up.”
Another source in the presidency operating from home said, “It’s not important one knows where he is. What’s important is he should get well.”
Asked if he felt worries have set in regarding his health, he said, “Yes of course but it’s normal. When one is sick relatives get worried what more about a country’s chief of staff.
“I can’t say where he is for sure, I don’t know myself. Are you asking because he said he would resume work ‘soon’?
“It doesn’t matter if he said so. Does it matter if others have shaken off the virus and have been treated and discharged? Everyone does not have the same immune system,” he said.
He however pointed out that, he is not getting the needed treatment he desires. “He should have been flown abroad. He would have been better by now. Let’s continue to pray for him. He will come out stronger.”
He added, “The desire was to get him out of the country and get him properly treated but I don’t know what the issue is now.”
The sources craved anonymity because they considered it sensitive issue as they were not authorised to speak.
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One comment

  • Enyi Nnnanyere

    April 18, 2020 at 4:07 am

    …however pointed out that, he is not getting the needed treatment he desires. “He should have been flown abroad. He would have been better by now. Let’s continue to pray for him. He will come out stronger.”

    I’m still trying to understand the figure of speech applied in this context.
    But it’s a pity that nations have closed borders. Not only for foreign rice but for weak cells in human bodies.
    This new world is a dey-your-dey kind of universe. Improve your land to save you, in times of trouble.

    I still believe that our medical doctors will be listened to, and the education budget favoured this time.

    I just hope that Nigeria can start seeing the need for harnessing the beauty of our diversity.

    May God rest his soul.

    This is a time to build homes, not political parties, ethnicity and socioreligious inclinations.


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