May 29, 2020
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April 16, 20202min710

Trump defiance as he doubles down on reopening U.S. economy

The United States President, Mr Donald Trump has remained defiance days after saying he was going to reopen the largest economy in the world, thus doubling down his position even as he said state governors would have the final say regarding the decision.

Speaking on Tuesday, Trump held firmly his position praising state governors even as he said about 20 states could reopen their states for business as early as April ending.

On Thursday, he will issue new guidelines would be issued regarding reopening the economy.

“Please We want to get our country back . . . and we’re going to do it soon,” said Mr Trump, adding that governors were “chomping at the bit”.

But many state leaders have suggested they are not ready to relax social distancing.

Speaking alongside Mr Trump, Deborah Birx, the other top scientist on the task force, said some states had suffered “very few cases”.

But she said governors and mayors would have to “make decisions after generalised guidelines are put out” to determine what the best path was.

Mr Trump hit out at Democrats for holding up his political appointees — who require Senate confirmation — and threatened to use a provision of the constitution to force Congress to adjourn, allowing him to make “recess” appointments.

He also repeated his attack on the World Health Organization, accusing the body of favouring China even though Washington provides much more funding than Beijing.

Mr Trump said he would halt funding for the WHO, sparking condemnation from US allies and fierce criticism from Democrats.

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