May 31, 2020
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C’River: Health Commissioner under fire for missing N500m Covid-fund, sharing 50 cars among relatives, friends

Jerry Akobi, Calabar.

Cross River State Commissioner for Health, Betta Edu, is under fire for her inability to account for N500 million that was released to her office for the management of coronavirus otherwise known as covid-19.
She has also been accused of allocating 50 cars to cronies. Those she allocated the cars released by the state government to includes her relatives, friends and in-laws according to several posts on social media.
Some social media activities have complained that since the release of the funds, nothing has been heard or done about the purpose for which the fund was meant for while less than ten of the cars have been spotted wondering about where the rest of the cars were.
Edu who, joined the government of Ben Ayade in 2015 as an aide and later got appointed as a commissioner is still in her early 30s, has also been accused of high partying and hosting expensive parties despite the lockdown.
“Her excessive inclination for high life even at this time shows why we won’t know how she spent that huge money,” an activist, Daniel Ogar said.
Ogar who threatened they would be a petition to that effect if she failed to come clean added: “She has to explain how that money has been spent. What did she buy with it?
“Cars that were meant to enforce regulations in the state regarding this virus are no longer being seen. One was seen driven to a private residence of one of her relatives three days ago. The car was sparked there until the following day.”
The Cross River State Co-ordinator of Corruption-Free Society, added:  “Her in-law too drove one.
“People are alleging some of them may have been repainted, that I can’t verify but it will be good if she states what she knows about this.
“How can a young girl who should stake her claim as one of the leaders of tomorrow can be this extravagant?
“We would write a petition to the Economic and Financial Crime Petition if she does not come clean,” he threatened.
Another activist, James Udeh, told Daily Mail on phone following his post on social media that, she has “the in-print of looting the treasury for somebody highly placed.
“I don’t think she can singlehandedly loot that money if somebody is not up there shielding and protecting her.
“I am not defending her but I believe she’s being used as a conduit.
“As for the cars, it’s unfortunate she has decided to share them this way. Honestly it is surprising that relations to this young girl are driving cars about town. Even inlaws, friends and people closed to her are driving the cars the way they like.
“I think she needs to be called to order immediately.”
Messages being delivered on some social media groups monitored by Daily Mail asked: Cross River State Commissioner for Health: Where is the N500 million and 50 cars Gov Ayade released to fight COVID-19?
Edu who was born in the Uk was not available for comment. An aide who was contacted said only the commissioner could speak as she knew nothing about the allegations.

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