May 27, 2020
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May 20, 20205min2390
Nigeria: We invited Chinese Doctors to build isolation centres for the country, top Minister says 
A top Nigerian Minister on Tuesday said the government of President Muhammadu Buhari invited Chinese  medical doctors to the country to build isolation centres, in Africa’s biggest economy.
This has sparked frenzy following endless bids to spin the real reason why medical doctors from a country that has been accused of hiding facts about its role in the spread of the coronavirus across the world could be invited.
Coronavirus otherwise known as covid-19 emanated from China in December 2019, amid allegation that a top Chinese doctor was warned, arrested and held to death when he raised alarm about the likelihood of an outbreak of the pandemic.
China has been blamed globally for its handling of the outbreak from concealment of facts which if released early enough would have led to containment, and it belligerence that he should not be held liable in any form.
It has also sent fake medical items like face masks and ventilators worth millions of dollars to needy countries speaking outrage of deliberate bid to enhance the spread of the virus.
China has denied all these allegations.
But their presence in Nigeria has left even outsiders worried of their real motive and why a country that properly handled Ebola without outside assistance could acquiesce to the controversial decision.
Things came to a head on Tuesday when another top minister, the country’s Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola, said they were in the country to assist in building and equipping isolation centres.
Daily Mail reports that few days ago, a fellow minister, Minister of Health, Osagie Ehanire, warned journalists not to ask him questions regarding the Chinese, and a Chinese company management, CCECC said their citizens were in their office and under their care.
 Ehanire, who himself is not a trained medical doctor had said last month that the Chinese were coming to the country to share their knowledge, skills and real-life experiences of fighting COVID-19 with Nigerian health personnel to strengthen the management of cases

what appeared to be a recant, a report said.

Ehanire’s last defence was: “I want to explain first of all that I think not all of them were doctors and I heard that some of them are technicians, but they are staff of CCECC, the Ministry of health is not their host, so we can’t always explain what happened to them or where they’re.”
President Buhari had composed a Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, and latest briefing in Abuja, Aregbesola said: “Indeed, 15 Chinese nationals came to Nigeria on 8th of April.

“They’re here on the bill of the CCECC, a Chinese company doing some works for us in Nigeria.

“In conjunction with some Nigerian companies, they agreed to support us in the effort to respond to the pandemic.

“At Idu isolation centre in Abuja, they participated in retrofitting and equipping the isolation centre.

“They equally worked on the Dome project that was handled by the NNPC Construction in conjunction with ThisDay.

“So, those are the locations in which they came to work, both in retrofitting the Idu facility and installing critical essential medical equipment.”

He said the Chinese team came to Nigeria on a 30-day visa issued in Beijing and were still in Nigeria because of the restriction on travel occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“So, those are the locations in which they came to work, both in retrofitting the Idu facility and installing critical essential medical equipment.”
It’s sent another round of confusion across the country of a government often criticised for being confused and offering more than ten explanations from different quarters concerning an issue.

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