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UK: Pale and gaunt looking British PM begins exercise race against overweight

Blaming additional effect of coronavirus on his overweight, a pale and gaunt looking British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has begun exercise to roll back excessive fat and get back his body.
Caught on his second day of race to get back on shape, the Prime Minister, 55, was seen donning a white T-shirt bearing a brightly-coloured Philippines design and navy adidas shorts as he returns to Downing Street after his morning exercise, Daily Mail UK reported.

According to a Times report from May 15, Mr Johnson told some of his colleagues ‘it’s all right for you thinnies’ as he discussed the danger being overweight presents for Covid patients.

The Conservative leader was admitted to St Thomas’ Hospital in London 10 days after testing positive for coronavirus in April.

He was moved into intensive care the following day and left hospital after a week of care, thanking NHS staff who he said ‘saved my life, no question.’

Mr Johnson had weighed 17-and-a-half stone before he went into hospital, putting his BMI at 36 when his 5ft9in height is taken into account and placing him over the BMI of 30 that means a person is obese.

Research shows being obese doubles the risk of needing hospital treatment for coronavirus.

This, sparked with his own personal battle, is reported to have made the Prime Minister determined to use the coronavirus pandemic to get people to be healthier and is said to be ‘obsessed’ with getting people to cycle to work.

Mr Johnson himself has regularly been pictured exercising throughout his career.

He was often pictured jogging during his time as Foreign Secretary and cycling through London during his time as the capital’s mayor.

Additional reports from Daily Mail UK

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