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May 24, 20204min3290
Nigeria: Top Minister ordered armed men to chase out Commission Chair, staff from office
Call it another act of fundamentalism, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, has alleged that gunmen chased her and staff of the commission from office on the orders of Isa Ali Pantami, Minister of Communications and Digital Economy.

The Commission Chair made this allegation a video posted on the website of NIDCOM and tweeted by Dabiri-Erewa on Sunday, she said, “The office we got, given to us by NCC but we were actually driven away by the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Mr Isa Pantami, within two days, they drove us out with guns and what happened? The place was given to us by NCC.

“You know we all help each other, NCC as an agency of government, said there is a place you can use to settle in, and just as we settled in, I was in Ethiopia when I got a call. I thought that it was a joke. I came back from Ethiopia on Thursday, this happened on Tuesday, by Friday when I went to the office, guns, armed men had taken over the place. I thought it was a joke, but here is the thing, I’m a government employee, so is he. It’s a government business.

“I have complained officially but we let it be. He wants the place, let him take it. That place is still there, a whole floor is still vacant. As I speak with you, all our items are locked up. I don’t have computer, I don’t have printers, everything has been locked up.

“So after COVID-19, we are hoping that we can get a space and move in. These things locked are personal printers, personal laptops of our very dedicated staff because when you are just starting a lot of things are not there.”

But the minister denied the allegation.

Tweeting on Sunday, Pantami said, “THIS IS A FAT LIE FROM HER: The owner of the building @NgComCommission has faulted her lies on their social media platforms. The minister has never given that directives to any gunman. We need to be very objective in reporting. I have never sent any gunmen there, & I have no one.”

Dabiri-Erewa reacted immediately to the tweet, saying his disrespect for women is legendary, saying, “An Islamic scholar should not lie Hon Minister. ( PhD)You did that to me cos I am a woman. 

“Your disrespect for women is legendary Left the ugly incident behind me since Feb. But pls release all our office equipment. Public office is transient .@DrIsaPantami.”

To support her claim against the minister, Dabiri-Erewa tweeted a video showing NIDCOM staff when they were allegedly denied access to their office on Tuesday, February 11, 2020.

NIDCOM had earlier tweeted the same video to support the claim that the staff of the agency were thrown out of their office on the order of the minister.

Daily Mail reports that the issue has taken ethnic dimension with supporters of both the minister and the Commission  Chair already exchanging words and condemning opponent.


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