May 27, 2020
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May 26, 20202230

Stop shedding crocodile tears for your apparent failures, ex-Attorney General mocks Ayade

Former Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice in Cross River State, Mr. Eyo Ekpo has said that Governor Ben Ayade has been shedding crocodile tears unnecessarily to cover up his ineptitude and apparent failures.
Mr Ekpo was Commissioner during Donald Duke’s administration. The administration was credited with laying foundation for the state, the foundation the current administration is being accused of drastically destroying.

Governor Ayade broke down in tears a few days ago at the inauguration of an anti-tax agency headed by Bishop Emma Isong. That was as many times he has cried with critics saying things get worse each time he cries.

This prompted a flurry of mockery such that, Agba Jalingo, Publisher of Cross River Watch wrote an article mocking the governor, recounting and calculating how frequent he cries.

Ayade in the latest cry expressed regret that in five years of his administration from 2015, despite ample preparation and enthusiasm, he has not been able to wipe the pains, suffering, and abject poverty among people of the state, confirming what critics have been saying.

Mr. Eyo Ekpo, who was also former Social Democratic Party’s gubernatorial candidate, however, said that in five years, the governor has been extravagant with state resources.

In a statement released in Calabar, Ekpo wondered what exactly the governor was weeping for, saying they have seen his incessant ‘film show’ of shedding tears in 5 years which has become somewhat childish.

“Five years down the road, I am no longer impressed with his insincere tears.  Are those tears for real?

“I wonder how the governor’s tears square up with the 5 years of pursuing grandiose projects that he knows would never be financed,” Ekpo said.

“He still went ahead to award consulting contracts, land clearing contracts that deprived the same people for whom he’s shedding hot years.

“Rather than care for them, he spent money that should have gone into education and valuable sectors like health.”

Daily Mail reports that Ayade has in the lastt four years made the biggest budgets among the state in the country with less than 30% execution.

He has also unilaterally emptied the local government accounts without existing local government chairmen in the state.


May 24, 20202050

U.S. Election: Anxiety in Trump’s camp as Biden widens gap over Clinton’s 2016 pace

While it may be early days yet but not so cool in the Republican Party and the U.S. President, Donald Trump’s camp as comparative analysis of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 pace has been dwarfed by the acceleration in gall up poll by Democratic Party’s presumed candidate, Joe Biden.
Make no mistake about it, Trump roars like a lion and is such a formidable opponent such that any early celebration could be to the detriment of the other. You need to check Hillary’s buoyant mood and the Democrats’ 2016 prolonged glee before election to tap the warning button: Trump wins when condemned and rises to the occasion when challenged.
More often than not, he creates uncertainty and plugs that pull-it-out-of-the-chestnuts kind of thing in an amazing manner.
However, poll would be poll and someone needs to lead while another lags. And again, history appears to have repeated itself as Trumps lags again but this time significantly than 2016.
Would history also make him win in what appears to be a double whammy for the controversial American President?
Take a seat as a new national Fox News poll finds former Vice President with a 48% to 40% lead over the President.

The average of all polls taken at least partially this week have Biden up by a 48% to 41% margin.

Almost any time it is explained that Biden’s leading Trump, someone will inevitably bring up “but what about 2016.” That’s why this week marks an important milestone for the Biden campaign.

It’s one of the first times during the election year that Biden was clearly running ahead of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 pace in the matchup against Trump.

Four years ago, Trump closed the national gap quickly with Clinton as he was vanquishing Republican rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich from the presidential race. Clinton’s average lead shrank from 10 points during the first half of April to 6 points in the second half in April to 4 points in the first half in May to a mere 1 point in polls completed four years ago between May 16-May 23.

In terms of individual high quality polls, you needn’t look further than Fox News. Clinton trailed Trump by 3 points in a Fox News poll out four years ago between May 16-May 23. Now, Biden’s up 8 points in that same poll.

Indeed, Clinton was also down in a high quality live telephone ABC News/Washington Post poll four years ago completed between May 16-May 23.

Biden notably hasn’t trailed in a single live interview poll this entire year.

Although Clinton would regain some of her advantage in June 2016, the fact that the race became so close at this point four years ago was an indication that the electorate was somewhat unsettled. It showed that under the right circumstances, Clinton could lose nationally, or, at the very least, that Trump could come close enough nationally to win in the electoral college.

Biden’s lead, of course, is the steadiest of all time. His lead has never fallen to just a point or anywhere close. It’s been consistently at or right around 6 points, as it was this week. If you were to create a 95% confidence interval around the individual 2016 and 2020 polls, the 2016 race was about 1.5 times as volatile up to this point.

But it’s not just the margin that is important to examine. Look at the vote percentages.

The reason Biden’s lead is so wide compared to Clinton’s is that he’s running a little more than 5 points ahead of where Clinton was in terms of vote percentage. Biden is at slightly greater than 48%, while Clinton was a little less than 43%.

Even when Clinton’s lead widened in June, she never got to 48% in the polls. She had to pick up a lot more late-deciding voters for her lead to feel secure than Biden will likely need to.

Interestingly, Trump’s actually pulling about the same percentage of the vote in the polls as he was in late May 2016. Without rounding, he’s running only about 0.4 points worse.

There were a lot of undecided or third party voters in late May 2016. Without rounding, Biden and Trump add up to 89.5% of the vote on average. Clinton and Trump added to 84.9%.

Keep in mind, just some of the polls done four years ago completed between May 16-May 23 were including Libertarian Gary Johnson as an option. Focusing in on only those that did have him as a choice showed Clinton and Trump deadlocked at a little less than 39%. That is, Trump was tied with Clinton even as he had a lower share of the vote than he has in the 2020 polls right now. The major party nominees together added up to 77% in the polls that inquired about Johnson.

When the undecided and third party vote is high in the polls, it means greater uncertainty. Third party candidacies tend to deflate over the course of the election year. Combining the undecided and third party voter blocs gives major party candidates a larger pool to pick up voters from.

In other words, Trump had more wiggle room four years ago to pick up ground. And, in fact, Trump won on the strength of his support among voters who decided in the last month.

More Americans have already said they’re willing to vote for Biden in the most likely general election matchup than they ever did of Clinton at any point in the final six months of that campaign.

The obvious question moving forward is whether Biden can keep up the pace. So far, he and his basement campaign have been up to the challenge.

While Biden’s personal frailty is beginning to manifest, how Trump takes advantage of these howlers would begin to reshape the poll in his favour.

But for now, Biden is accelerating and Trump needs to get up the gear.

Analysis provided by Isuma Isuma for Daily Mail and Harry Enter for CNN.


May 5, 2020240

Ayade not funding APC – APC Chairman

The State Chairman of the All Progressive Congress APC in Cross River State, Sir John Ochalla has refuted claims that Cross River State Governor, Ben Ayade has been funding the APC in the state.

Mr Ochalla was reacting to a statement credited to Mr Ekpenyong Effiom Asuquo, the Secretary of PDP Youth Forum wherein he stated that “Governor Ben Ayade has been funding the APC ever since”.

Ochalla made the denial in a press statement made available to newsmen on Monday where he called the attention of the General Public saying he would have ordinarily ignored the write up from one Ekpenyong Effiom Asuquo, secretary to a youth forum in PDP, but the times we are in now politically are very interesting and I will not let this opportunity pass by without keeping the records straight.

Mr Asuquo’s allegation followed discordant tunes and struggles for the soul of the PDP in the state following wards and local government congresses where substantial numbers of the Governor’s lists were rejected.

A miffed Ayade has since been accused of sponsoring hordes of his aides to launch confusion and unprecedented social media attacks on the state party chairman, senators and house members and has threatened to sue the party.

But Mr Ochalla said the statement from a Youth Forum of the PDP, where he stated that ” Ayade has been funding the APC ever since, is not only a tissue of lies but a figment of the author’s imagination.”

He said, “To the best of my knowledge, Governor Ayade has not funded the APC with a kobo at any level, rather the PDP and Governor Ayade tried and are still trying to sow seeds of discord within the APC but thank God majority of our people are wise enough to see through their antics.

“The PDP should not drag the APC into their internal crisis. Let the PDP dance her strip dance in shame. All their evil plans against the APC have boomeranged”.

“The APC Cross River State is re-engineering with absolute resolve to key Cross River State into the Progressive family and save our people from a confused, clueless, and visionless PDP administration in the State.”


“Our doors remain open to all those who are ready to jump out of the PDP Sinking Ship into the Progressive APC Family.”

Daily Mail reports that Ayade’s utterances and body language have prompted claims he’s weakening the party in the state to enable him see off his plan, which critics say, have been in the offing, of joining the APC, to avoid jail after his second term.

Ayade also, alongside his brother and key aides, has had a pending case of corruption at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission over funds meant for micro-finance bank being misused but is under immunity as a sitting governor.

The controversial governor has also been accused of attempts to seize the party in the state which has put him at loggerheads with the party structure in the state and the national level.

But Mr Ochalla advised the PDP government in Cross River “to focus their energies on educating our people on how to contain the Covid-19 pandemic and provide palliative to Cross Riverians in these difficult times.”

Some of the governor’s aides have hinted at the governor joining the APC as pay back for those who have usurped the party structure in the state.

And Mr Ochalla said, “Our doors remain open to all those who are ready to jump out of the PDP Sinking Ship into the Progressive APC Family.”



April 10, 20201190

2023: Osinbajo campaign groups flood social media, VP denies groups

Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo appears to be gearing up for the 2023 presidential election even as Nigeria battles the novel coronavirus otherwise known as Covid-19.
This is as the Vice President has allegedly constituted various groups secretly, opening social media accounts to deploy consistent social media campaign even before the stage is set.
One of the social media platforms opened on Facebook, on 5th April, 2020, called  PYO ( PYO stands for President Yemi Osinbajo) has so far garnered  over 10, 000 members mostly youths.
While it has the VP’s picture boldly used as the cover, another picture with an accompanied message saw Osinbajo demonstratively having what appeared to be a robust discussion like a Chief Executive.
Instructively however is the catch phrase behind the second picture which reads, “Take Flight”.
The message accompanying the second picture with the title “FOR CLARIFICATION”, reads: “This is a movement in support of Professor Yemi Osinbajo as it is clearly evident.
“The movement is joining forces to complement the effort of PYO’s competence, capacity and character.
“Stakeholders driving this boat, are those who believe profoundly in the values PYO hold so sacred.”
The message continued” “As we write, The Vice President,- PYO himself is focused and committed on ending the #Covid-19 pandemic and achieving the duties set for him by his boss and those permitted officially within the ambit of the Constitution. We boldly say he’s not in anyway distracted by this movement.
“The movement is based on truths and facts and not an intentional showboating of any sort.
“It is an intertribal and  interreligious movement that is purely devoid of tribal cum religious sentiments.”
VP Osinbajo on one of the pictures depicting a move away from current policy of the APC administration

Daily Mail in-house political analyst, Odama Agama explains that it means leaving the past behind and creating a blissful future.

According to Agama, “It’s a clear message. A man belonging to the system is saying ‘Take Flight’, that means a lot. There’s something happening behind the scene that we don’t know.
“The VP said he was going to be on 14-day isolation, and he began that isolation before the 5th of April, does it mean that is what he has been working on?
“‘Take Flight’ is very indicative and instructive. It means as things are not working, ‘let’s leave. I have a better idea, come with me. Let’s simply leave the past,'” Agama said.
Another group which called itself PYO 2023 Presidential Support Group, was opened on March 8th, 2020 with few members. The members in this group as at Friday 10th, were less than 200.
There are also specific groups such PYO Media Team, PYO Economic Team all on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter enjoying huge following despite being less than two weeks of being opened.
But when contacted, the spokesperson for the Vice President said, “We don’t know these folks, but they would have picked the photo from Google.”
There have been rumours that the VP has been getting set to deploy certain specific groups to serve as his fore-campaigners. They would be charged with addressing specific areas of concern such as economy, tech transfer and innovations as well as social welfarism.
Daily Mail reports that Osinbajo championed one of the key campaign promises of the All Progressive Congress, APC, where they promised unemployment stipends among others. He also personally took charge and was visible during the 2019 campaign when he distributed money to market women in the name of conditional cash transfers.
Osinbajo would be hoping to pip his political godfather, Bola Tinubu to his party, APC’s ticket to become the party’s flag bearer.


March 20, 20201100

Oshiomhole commences onslaught, presents Ajimobi as APC Deputy Chairman to Buhari

The embattled National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Adams Oshiomhole has commenced another onslaught when he brushed aside opposition from some party members to present Abiola Ajimobi to President Muhammadu Buhari as the party’s Deputy Chairman.
The Ekiti State chapter of the party had protested furiously against the choice of Ajimobi but Oshiomhole would have none of it.
Speaking after meeting with Buhari at the presidential villa, the elated Oshiomhole, beaming with smile throughout commended Buhari for reduction in the pump prices of petrol.
He said that the action of the President was unprecedented, adding that the crash in the international market of the price of crude oil has become a blessing to Nigerians.
Oshiomhole, who was still relishing on the euphoria of his victory against his traducers said that Ajimobi’s appointment to the position of deputy chairman was a popular decision of the Southwest region.
According to him, democracy allows for the dissent by Ekiti State but also allows the majority, being the other five Southwest States, to have their way.
He said,  “I came essentially to present the former governor of Ogun State, Abiola Ajimobi whom the South West has nominated to fill the void arising from the vacancy of the Deputy National Chairman, South, created by the appointment of the minister of Industry, Trade and Investment.
“Of course, Mr President already knows him, he hosted us a couple of times when he was governor of Oyo State and played a pioneering role in the formation of the All Progressives Congress (APC).
“Obviously, he is not a stranger to the President, it’s just a way of formality that I have to present him. Mr President was delighted that someone with his background – a complete gentleman, he has been in the oil industry, a senator and a two-term governor.
“So he will bring on board a wealth of experience that will help to reinforce the quality of leadership of the All Progressives Congress.
” But I also appreciate the fact that a couple of decisions the President has taken this week that in my view are profound but I don’t think they have attracted the kind of commendations.
“For example, the decision of Mr President to reduce the price of petroleum products – PMS, AGO and other products because of the sharp drop in the price of crude oil. In another word, not just passing the burden of oil price when they go up but also passing the benefit when they go down.
“I do remember, as a member of the economic crisis management under the leadership of late President Yar’adua, governor Fashola and I were part of that committee and we pleaded with the then President when the oil price dropped to $30 and below, that the benefit of the drop should be passed unto the Nigerian people, but the then Minister of Petroleum Resources was unable to come out with any figure, though the price of crude oil dropped the benefit didn’t pass to the Nigerian people.
“So I commend the President for passing the benefit to the Nigerian people for approving the drop in the oil price so that Nigerians can really benefit from both the negative and positive side of the drop -which is that the cost of PMS has dropped.
“We will also have some reduction in the cost of transportation because we expect people to pass it down particularly at this time because of the Coronavirus there are a couple of economic activities that are affected.”
He commended what he described as prompt proactive steps taken by the CBN by making funds available to support businesses that are affected by the Coronavirus.
“And everywhere around the world government are rising to the occasion and I am happy that Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari has also taken a bold step to not only protecting Nigerians by stopping foreign airlines, from flying into the country particularly from the high-risk countries with the pandemic along with other measures which will help to curtail it.
“These are challenging times and our president is showing leadership just as we expect of him, putting Nigeria first, supporting businesses and passing not just the burden of the drop in oil price, but the benefit of that drop.
“Having been active in this politics of oil pricing, this is the first time a Nigerian President without a strike, without protest, without editorials, without commentators, by his own conviction he says this drip in the price of crude must be reflected in a drop in the price of PMS. For us, as party leaders, we think he deserves commendation,” he said.
When Ajimobi was asked on his reaction to the protest by the Publicity Secretary of APC in Ekiti State that they don’t accept him as the Deputy National Chairman South, Oshiomhole interjected and said that it was only one out of the five states from South West that opposed the nomination.
He said, “I don’t think it’s fair to put this question to him. We are in a democracy, we have six states in the South West, and this position is zones to the South West.
“The South West has met, and there were five states in support and one state (Ekiti) opposing both at governorship level and at the party’s structural level.
” The name of the game is like the Ekiti State Chairman has said, ’minority will have their say’ and he has enjoyed that right to have his say, but he can’t prevent the majority from having their way. I think that is it.”


March 19, 202031720
How Ikpeazu went to India, slept in coffin for 7 days, swore an oath in shrine to become governor
Bizarre as it may sound, it has emerged that sponsors of the current Abia State Governor, Okezie Ikpeazu forced him to India to sleep in a coffin for seven days before agreeing to make him governor.
The Governor was also made to swear an oath to be loyal, obedient and allow the sponsors decide how he would rule the state.
According to the only page, page three of the oath agreement, which was entered before the god called Royal Mystic Emperor of Harashima, the Great Hindu god on the 26th September, 2014, he promised not to interfere with anything the sponsors desired to do.
The oath which the governor swore to said, “That i shall not interfere with any appointment, contracts, purchases and other sundries to be made by my sponsors as avenues to recouping the resources spent during the election.
“That I shall never contest any amount presented to me or to be deducted by my sponsors as expenses incurred by installing me as the governor of Abia State, Nigeria.
Oath agreement allegedly entered into between Ikpeazu & sponsors

“That my loyalty to my sponsor while I remain the governor of the state shall remain constant while I shall inquire and take directives from my sponsors virtually in all matters throughout my days as Governor of Abia State, Nigeria.”

The oath agreement further said, “This document represents an evidence of the oral oath that I have taken and stands as a remembrance for any violation shall bring a permanent curse from the great Harashima upon me, my family and the entire state.
“I swear by this oath agreement with my entire life on this date before phish Royal Mystic Emperor of Harashima, the Great Hindu god.”
According to a source which leaked parts of the oath agreement, it was part of the documents taken by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC, during a raid in one of r he houses of the immediate past Governor of the sare, Theodore Orji.
Orji was now a senator did not pick his call when Daily made effort to verify the information.
Since the oath agreement surfaced online, neither the Abia State Governor nor any of his aides has denied it.
Attempts to reach the governor’s chief press Secretary or special assistant on media failed as their telephone lines did not connect.


March 19, 2020340

Coronavirus: INEC postpones bye elections in four senatorial zones

The independent National Electoral commission has postponed the scheduled bye-election in four senatorial districts in the country given the health emergency caused by the Corona Virus pandemic.

Then National commissioner and chairman information and voter education committee Festus Okoye says this decision is in line with section 26 of the electoral act as amended which empowers thecommission to postpone any election in the event of an emergency or national disaster.

The commission says it is compelled to take this step in recognition of the fact that all major activities in the electoral process involve large gathering of people. These include the conduct of political party primaries, campaigns, stakeholder meetings, training and deployment of election and security personnel, movement of accredited observers and journalists, congregation of voters and other stakeholders at polling units, as well as the collation centres.

But INEC insists The governorship elections in Edo and Ondo States scheduled for September and October 2020 respectively are not affected.


March 19, 20201190

Buhari attacks senators, says calls for national address cheap, sensational

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday attacked federal lawmakers, who, during plenary, called for a national address on the novel coronavirus, branding them “cheap and sensational.”

The President spoke through his senior presidential media aide, Garba Sheh.

He said,, Nigeria, like every other country around the world, is dealing with the unexpected and unprecedented impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Muhammadu Buhari administration has taken some steps to mitigate the effects on the Nigerian people.

He said to prevent the spread of cases imported into Nigeria, the President has already ordered the restrictions of travel from 13 countries, each with more than 1,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19.

Shehu in the statement further said, “Government has also suspended visas issued to nationals of these countries. The restriction will take effect from March 20 and will remain until further notice. While Nigeria delights in welcoming the world, the safety and protection of our citizens and land must take priority.

“The various agencies of government including Media owned by the government have embarked on vigorous campaigns promoting hygiene measures.  There are, currently, very stringent regimes of checks at the points of air and sea entry into the country. The effort Nigeria is making as is well known, has already received the commendation of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

“The Presidency wishes to assure Nigerians that government is on top of the situation.  There is no cause for panic. So far measures put in place are working efficiently. What this country is doing has been recommended as a template.

“The President trusts the relevant Ministers in his cabinet and the officials of the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), who are providing him with constant updates and professional counsel.  These officials have a track record of competence.

“The President instructed the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to reduce the pump price of fuel. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a crash in the global price of crude oil, and the President decided that every Nigerian should benefit from this. Subsequently, the NNPC announced a 20 naira deduction, and the pump price of fuel has now been reduced from 145 naira per litre to 125 naira per litre.

“The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on Monday announced a credit relief of N1.1Trillion Naira to businesses affected by the pandemic. The Bank has also established a facility for household, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and announced a reduction of interest rates for loans from 9% to 5%.

“We do not want to create panic. But we will continue to update the Nigerian public with relevant information.  We plead with every Nigerian to cooperate with the government in the fight against Covid-19 and obey all instructions from the NCDC. We have a high level Presidential Coordination Committee chaired by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF).  This body should be allowed to carry out its duties.

“We also plead with Nigerians not to see this most peculiar of times as one to be politicised or seen as an opportunity to regurgitate grudges against the government or the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). North, South, East, and West – all Nigerians must unite to fight this plague, irrespective of religious or ideological affiliation.

“In this regard, populist advocacies such as the one accusing the President of ‘complacency’ simply because he has not made a television address by ranking members of our respected parliament are cheap and sensational.  These are not the times for populism and cheap politics.

“President Buhari thanks all those at the forefront of the fight against the deadly disease.”


March 18, 2020116950
Fraudsters don’t talk in public, Wike tells Uzodinma
Rivers State Governor, Mr Nyesom Wike, on Tuesday warned Imo State Governor, Mr Hope Uzodinma to be mindful of his utterances as fraudsters do not talk in public or else his secrets would be revealed.
Mr Wike was responding to an allegation credited to Mr Uzodinma where he accused the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, of being behind the suspension and General ordeal of Mr Adams Oshiomhole.
A shocked Wike said such an allegation was unfounded and an unfortunate lie.
“It is unfortunate that Senator Hope Uzodinma will have the temerity to make that false allegation (that PDP conspired to suspected end Oshiomhole).
“Hope Uzodinma was an APC agent while he was in PDP,” Wike said pointing out that, “That was why APC used him as an agent to support Ali Modu Sheriff,  but they failed.
“It is unfortunate that people of questionable character are in Government.  Hope Uzodinma cannot talk about the attempted removal of APC National Chairman and mention the PDP. What is our business in the attempted removal of Oshiomhole?
“APC does not mean well for Nigeria.  It is a party of strange bedfellows merely formed to take over power.
“If Senator Uzodinma dares to make such false comments again about the PDP , we will tell the world about him.
That he fraudulently took the mandate  of PDP does not mean that PDP is weak. Hope Uzodinma lacks the capacity to discuss the PDP.
“We must protect the Judiciary to do its work.  But the Judiciary should protect itself.  APC has destroyed the Judiciary.
“The Judiciary should be very careful.  The Judiciary should be alert. It should not allow itself to be used. It should not allow itself to be destroyed.
“APC should not be allowed to destroy Judiciary. Judiciary was there before APC. It was there before any political party. I cannot see the Judiciary being destroyed and keep quiet.
“I am not interested in what happens in APC. But I am concerned with the Judiciary and its survival.
The Chief Justice of Nigeria should caution judges.
“With what the APC is doing today, we may not have the Judiciary and everyone will pay the price. The party is trying to destroy the hope of the common man,” he said un series of tweets  through his official Twitter handle @GovWike.


March 17, 2020720

The Supreme Court on Tuesday reserved its ruling on the All Progressives Congress’ application for the review of its judgment which nullified the party’s victories in the general elections held in 2019 in Zamfara State.

A five-man panel of the apex court led by the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Tanko Muhammad, said the date of the ruling would be communicated to the parties.

The CJN made the announcement after the parties to the case concluded their submissions on the application on Tuesday.

The APC and the faction of the party in Zamfara State led by former Governor Abdulaziz Yari had filed the application for the review of the May 24, 2019 judgment, which had nullified their victories at the general elections barely four days to their inauguration.

In the said May 24, 2019 judgment, the Supreme Court had declared that APC failed to conduct valid primaries and, therefore, had no candidates in the 2019 general elections.

The apex court had declared the votes polled by the APC in the elections as wasted.

The Peoples Democratic Party and its candidates, who polled the next highest votes in the elections, were declared the winners of the elections and eventually inaugurated.

The APC’s application for the review of the May 24, 2019 judgment was opposed by Senator Kabiru Marafa-led faction of the party in the state.

APC’s lawyer, Chief Robert Clarke (SAN), on Tuesday urged the court to grant his clients’ application by setting aside the consequential order which directed that the candidates with the next highest votes be sworn in.

He urged the apex court to order the APC to conduct fresh primaries.

He argued that the previous orders of the apex court were made without jurisdiction.

But the Marafa faction’s lawyer, Chief Mike Ozekhome (SAN), urged the apex court to dismiss the application and award huge and punitive costs against the applicants’ lawyer.